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Vision vs What you can see

July 18, 2017


I am leading a class at the public library on how to take better photos with the camera on your phone.  There are limitations with that camera.  I love my digital camera.  The other night the moon was full and lite the sky.  I put my camera on the rail of the deck and low and behold a number of good images appeared!

Yet every time I “sees” something, it doesn’t come to be revealed in a digital or phone camera.  Our eyes and mind can see/not see/focus/not focus on so much more than any sensor on a camera.  It is amazing what I have been gifted and what I have not seen at all – that is between when I raise my camera and when I get the digital results.

Life can be like that.  We can “see” and “imagine” so much more than we can actually act upon or use.  It is good to be able to cast a vision.  There is the story about boats in a harbor. They are usually safe there in the case of some bad storm, the ships need to leave the harbor to be safe.  They throw out the anchor and winch OUT to safety in the seas.

In our lives we can find safety in the harbor or in a moon lit night.  During the day we need to throw our anchor out and be in the high seas – knowing that we can return to the safety of the harbor when we need it.

It was awesome to sit on the deck and watch the moon light dancing on the waters.  I hope you enjoy peace and safety in your nights and days and be able to live toward a wider vision than you can see or imagine.



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