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Why didn’t I see it before?

April 14, 2017


I am mindful of looking at the world around me.  We live in a most fantastic place. Wherever we drive, in whatever season we drive, we see amazing things.  We see all sorts of critters – flying, walking, crawling, running, jumping.  We were on our way to church when a big white Chinese goose came out into the highway.  We stopped and my husband when ‘honk honk honk’ with the car horn.  The goose just stood there and responded “honk honk honk”.  We backed up and went around the goose that had claimed the right side of the road.


We always stop and see the wonderful colors of fall. It is amazing to see the shades of orange and red and sometimes purples.  This spring, I looked at the trees and thought “Is it fall already?”   I saw reds in the Baraboo range hills.  When the sun is shining they are bright but the clouds have hung over us for a while so I decided to share the images I have.


Why didn’t I see it before?  We have been here for other springs.  It is amazing.  I still am in awe at seeing Sandhill cranes.  We have deer and wild turkey among other things.  We saw 8 deer, about 10 turkeys and a couple of Sandhill cranes all one meadow feeding together.  We are seeing them separately but they all seem to have regular places to be.  There are rabbits and coyote among other critters around.


I lived in Chicago – in the city as well as suburbia.  I would notice the trees and loved Lake Michigan.  In the city you notice people and buildings and other things.   I grew up in Wisconsin and on the Mississippi river in the Coulee Region (which are wonderful hills).  How could I have missed seeing these “red” trees in the hills in spring before?  I can’t wait to see if I will see them next spring – now that I know they exist.

It made me wonder what else I might be missing.

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