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What is the strongest force in the universe?

April 9, 2017


As I sat looking out on our deck, I noticed water dripping from the bottom of a chair onto the deck.  It was one drop at a time.  It held may attention for a long time.  Drop.  Drip.  Drop.  I tried to catch the moment the water splashed up.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  As I was looking at one drop at a time, I began to think about how strong that one drop really was in the whole scheme of things.


A drop of water can wear away stone.  One drop alone won’t do it.  It takes persistence and time. It takes many drops coming together and over and over again wear away at what the water is dropping on.  Over and over the drops need to fall.  The Grand Canyon was formed through many persistent drops of water over time and space and place.


The drops I watched from the bottom of the chair luckily didn’t “drill” a hole in the wooden deck.  As the droplets fell it made me think of the persistence of people saying that Climate change isn’t real.  “She Persisted” is a rallying cry for Elizabeth Warren.  Many people may have already forgotten what she did.  There are T-shirts and other things to remind people to be persistent.    People go to the next new thing or “in the moment” topic.  It is said that the first step takes the most energy – to get started.  For me starting isn’t as hard as the energy to keep the momentum going over time and distance.  The farther from the origin, the harder it can be to be energized and keep going.


The same day as the rain drop, I saw a cardinal through the window.  No matter how I tried, the camera focused on the rain droplets on the window.  These droplets weren’t going anywhere.  These droplets weren’t going to drill through stone.  They will leave water marks on the window but that is all.  Even these won’t be noticed once the window is cleaned off.


We need to know that what we do matters and can make a difference.  We need to remember what matters and mark it in as many ways as possible.  We need to carry the story and share the stories over and over and over.


What do we do when we need something made like the Grand Canyon?  We need to find “like droplets of water” and join forces to stay energized and get the job done.  We need to find people to talk about issue – ones that agree with us and ones that don’t agree and ones that don’t care.  Call your representatives at all levels of government.  Keep on keeping on.  Do what you can and support others and ask for support yourself.  Together we can be a strong force in the universe that can make a difference for good.




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