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January 2, 2017


There are many warning signs.  Usually in public buildings, the locks for a single restroom is in the door handle.  You turn the handle and the door unlocks automatically.  One bathroom in a hospital had a deadbolt on the door and no lock on the handle.  There was a huge sign on the door “Before you start panicking and screaming and pounding on the door– unlock the deadbolt and you will get out.”  Why someone had put a sign up rather than changing the way the door locked is beyond me.


Signs are there to help us know the dangers.  It helps us to know where to be cautious so we won’t be in danger.  The signs on the road told the grade of descent, it said to slow down for the curve.  Apparently too many truckers didn’t heed the warning because there were these wonderful pictures of trucks turning over which really caught my attention!

There are times we don’t get warnings.  The first Sunday in December, my husband and I were heading out to the car to go to church.  He had just been outside not 10 minutes before.  The weather had changed in that short time.  It had become dangerously slick and I went flying through the air and landing unceremoniously in slush on the cement on my knees first and then my whole body.  I got us and had to change as I was wet and sore and upset with myself for not noticing the danger.

We often get into trouble either because we ignore signs, don’t see signs, or can’t interpret what the signs mean.  These signs can be signs we read with our eyes.  These signs can be what we read in people’s moods or in their heart.  A new year is here.  If you find yourself in trouble over and over, get a friend to help sort out what signs you are missing.  Take time to breath and look around and see the world as it is – not how you want it to be.  Help others see and read the signs so that their day will go better.  Life is short.  Enjoy your faith journey with open eyes.

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