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When words fail you.

December 16, 2016


This sign was at church.  The first time I saw it, I said to myself “I’ve had some days like that.”  Nothing I said would come out of my mouth right.  My brain had wonderful thoughts and what came out was gobbledy gook.

Someone had knocked the sign down.  What once was  giving great information now looks like extra letters from Scrabble or Upwords.  There are times in our lives that words fail us.  It usually happens at times of great emotion – both grief and joy.  It can come when we feel knocked down and unable to get the words out about how we feel – or even admit it to ourselves.  We stand up and we try to go on and it just doesn’t work so well because things are so jumbled around. What is interesting in real life is that what is so evident to people looking at the sign, is that the sign might be unaware that there is even a problem.  Holiday times we often get blindsided by emotions and conversations.  People have changed over the last year.  We have changed.  People are missing that once held things together or stirred things up.  We need to find things that help us to know the condition of our soul and what we need to do for self-care.

I used to have lots of plants.  When I could see them wilted and not doing well, I knew I needed to stay at home and care for myself.  We need to look for signs of how we are appearing to others – even if we seem upright and everything is fine.  I can tell from good friends in their reactions that I might need some time to ask “What do you see?”  They will tell me if what I observed was something they are dealing with personally or something I need to deal with personally.  Many of my friends are down in despair about what is going to happen in our country and in our world.  There is time needed to curl up in a ball to heal wounds and there is time to be a wounded-warrior and find others to fight with.  I wish all of you well for the new year.

Know how you feel.  Know what you believe.  Know your values and ethics. Find cohorts that will help you in the battles that you pick and feel are important.  You are the only you in the world.  May you be a better you and make a better world all the time.

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