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Do you listen to the little nudges and whispers in your life?

October 19, 2016


Every once in a while, I get this thought that comes flying across my brain.  It says something like “You should call so and so.”  When I listen, and call, the person often says “You know, I just had my hand on the phone to call you!”  One time I thought of calling my sister and I picked up the phone and there she was.  She had been calling me and the first ring hadn’t even gone through and there I was answering the phone.

There are also times I get this nudge and don’t listen.  Today we took the boat off the lake and out for the season.  We went for one last ride.  It was really windy on the lake especially when going fast so I put my jacket on so it wouldn’t fly out of the boat.  I saw a cleaning cloth we were going to use later laying in the boat across from me and the thought went through my mind “If it is windy enough to take this jacket out of the boat, I should pick up that cloth.” But I didn’t pick it up and about a minute later it went flying out of the boat and we never found it even when we turned back to get it.

I should know I should listen but sometimes things come so fast and I am busy already doing something else and I don’t write it down right then that I forget or don’t have time.  Of course later on it is clear that I should have done THAT thing that just flew in and out of my brain as it was more important than what I actually did.

There is a discernment process. There are times I write things down and then think about or check it out.  Looking over the list, I realize the nudges get me to another idea which is the real thing needing work.  I know it is the subconscious that gives nudges and whispers.  I know that when traveling, all of a sudden I will think of something and sure enough when I back track when I thought about it was when I was passing the store I was thinking I might need to stop at.  Somehow my subconscious could see it when my eyes couldn’t and let the brain know “Hey think about this and be aware of it because you just went by what you were looking for.”

I don’t know why it is so hard to trust those nudges and whispers.  I know they are right so much of the time and they send me in good places.  I sometimes feel too busy or distracted and there I am missing an opportunity that I could have used.  When whispers and nudges come as if the flood gates are open, then I know I have way too much on my plate and have to back off on the schedule the old fashioned way with setting goals and time management.  Do you get those nudges and whispers?  Are they the right things you need?  I hope they are helpful and get you to the good places you need to be and help you get your tasks done in a timely manner.




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