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Check to see is your fishing lure actually has a hook!

September 6, 2016

The other day my husband and I went out fishing on Lake Wisconsin. He had bought some new lures and wanted to try them out. I am always reminded it is called fishing and not catching. There are different ways you can catch fish:

1. Dumb luck

2. Knowing the lake and the fish and what times they might be in which places

3. Watching the other people fishing and see what luck they are having at your favorite spots

4. Watching where the gulls are getting their food and fish there as well

This day as we went out fishing, we saw gulls “fishing” and “catching”. I had never seen so many gulls in one place not only flying around. They were diving into the water but also fighting each other at the surface. We were surrounded by so many birds for a moment I thought we were in a scene from a bad movie.  

We were catching fish. I had the new lure and I was doing well. The thing was that the first fish I caught bent the treble hook. My husband got it fixed and away I went to fishing. As suddenly as the gulls had started the feeding frenzy, they were done. The sun was setting and we were heading home, trolling for fish as we went.

I had so many “bites” but I just couldn’t seem to catch any more fish. The next day my husband went fishing from the dock. When he came up he asked “Did you have a lot of strikes but couldn’t get the fish in?” I said “YES”. He said that he had picked up that fishing rod and looked at the lure and it didn’t have any treble hooks on it. Apparently when he had “fixed it” one of the later fish I caught had actually pulled the hook off the lure. My husband has now put a new treble hook on the lure and have had great luck in bringing in the fish. We laughed about what the fish might have thought swallowing the lure only to have it pulled out of their mouth! The moral of the story is: If you want to actually catch fish, you need to have a hook on your lure!


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