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If it’s worth doing, it is worth doing poorly.

August 24, 2016


Anyone who knows me would really puzzle at my saying that.  The saying is usually “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well”.  I am a perfectionist and have high standards for myself and those I am working with – as told to me by my co-workers and kids and family.  Yet no one starts at the top.  No one starts out at the level of the present Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps, and Simone Biles in the Olympics – not even them.  They had to work and make sacrifices and they had to work even more. There were some really great athletes at the Olympics there that didn’t get medals and are still great athletes!

One of our kids when they were in college spent a summer as a camp counselor.  Two weeks before going to camp they came to me and said “I’d like to learn the guitar.”  I had been trying for years to get them to play.  We learned chords.  We got the music together.  We practiced together.  They were “ok” but still a long way from being good.  Yet I went to the director and said “You need to encourage the playing of the guitar at every campfire and opportunity you want music.  Right now there needs more work done.  No one will really notice the flaws and if you wait until the level of performance is good – you will never have a guitar at the campfire this summer.”  That is why I say “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing poorly.”  Sometimes you just have to “do it”!!!!

Being good is still something to strive for but there is a great distance between not doing anything and being great.  There is practice.  There are points of failure and some success.  One can be paralyzed into non-action if one thinks they can’t do it well and never try at all.  You have to try.  You have to have failures and successes.

I struggle with not being perfect still from time to time.  I love the TV series from Australia “Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries”.  They came out with a coloring book and I had done 1 page and then I worried about not doing it right or getting the right colors and I didn’t do another page.  I saw someone who had done a page yet their response to my anxiety post was just give it a go.  Coloring can be anti-stress as long as you don’t stress out about it.  I challenge all those who got “The official Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Colouring Book” to get going! Give it a go.

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