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Do you know who stands behind you, beside you and can you imagine who will follow you?

August 19, 2016


Many people feel lost and uprooted today.  We see people that are refugees.  We see people that are mobile in their jobs.  They like their jobs but don’t like that it may take them away from family.  There are pluses and minuses about being in the same place for a long time.  I grew up in a town that my father lived in and my grandfather lived in.  When we graduated high school, we still called kids that came in during 6th grade “new” kids.  We had known many of our graduating class before kindergarten.  Looking back at it, that was never welcoming nor integrating and these “new” kids had really been there half of our school time! The danger of being in one place for a long time is prejudice and not giving others a chance to be who they are.

We have just returned from visiting my husband’s family in Missouri.  He grew up there, his parents grew up there, their parents grew up there and their parent’s homesteaded there.  The family history can be read on the gravestone in the Kell cemetery.

Their story can also be read in the river – the Current river.  It is there that generations played in the water and fished and used the water in the mill for work.   My husband has spent more than 50 years on the Meramec river as well.  His father brought him to the river to fish when he was young.  He has brought all of our kids and now grandkids to be in the water, be on the water and to fish in the rivers.    He knows where the springs are hidden on the side of the river to get clear water.  To say he knows the river is true but each spring when it floods and even during the summer the river changes.  The river seems to be alive and living and forever changing.  It is just like our lives that are a journey that is ever changing yet stays within certain boundaries.

As I watched my husband and our daughter and our granddaughters fishing, I not only see them but my husband’s father and his father standing there alongside them.  We don’t live near the river physically but emotionally it is always running through our lives. It is ironic that my husband grew up near the Meramec river and we now live in Merrimac.  It is pronounced the same but spelled differently.

dad fishing

I grew up on the Mississippi River.  This past week a cousin posted a photo of my father and her grandfather with their catch of fish from the Mississippi.  There are times when I am by the Mississippi that I can almost see and hear my father but that sense follows me wherever I am fishing or on a boat or near the water.

We may move from place to place but our past and our family can follow us in good ways to give us roots wherever we travel to.  We can imagine those that have gone before us helping us and being with us.  We take our family and friends on those paths to enjoy and learn every day.  We also need to work on leaving a legacy that others can follow.  We learn by sharing.  We learn by caring.  We learn by listening to the past as well as focusing on the future.




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  1. It is wonderful to have this history. My mothers’s side of the family is all gone and I have just one cousin left. On my father’s side of the family I have only one cousin and she is now in her 80’s. I try to keep an album with photos and I try to visit these two cousins ( one lives in France and the other in England) whenever I get to their countries. But I love your photos. Thanks for this nice post.

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  2. Glad it touch a chord in your life. Harmony as well as dischord can always be found in “family trees”!


  3. Our local writers group is finishing up a book entitled, “Memories”. We want to tell about places and events in our area that shouldn’t be forgotten. These things have to be written down for future generations.Each of us should also have our personal memories written down for our family.


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