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Looking at qualifying growth

May 6, 2016


Growth doesn’t come all at once.  Sometimes it doesn’t come at all.  It can comes in spits and spurts.  Sometimes it can be seen and all of a sudden you wonder when everything changed.  I do remember living next to a corn field and there were times if you were quiet you could actually hear the corn grow.  In the spring we look for the first signs of growth.  We look for the shoots that come up from last year’s bulbs.  We look for dandelions.


Each season is different.  Somethings die off quickly.  Some take a long time to die.  We planted a sapling in 2010 of this elm.  It is growing strong.  A cherry tree we planted at the same time died years ago.


In 2007 we got very little saplings – not even 12 inches tall of Red bud trees for Arbor day at the Lansing UMC.  They are now growing great and are budding out beautifully.


My youngest is in his mid 20’s, the next in her 30’s and the oldest in her 40’s.  It seems only yesterday they were babies and in grade school.  I listen to people talk about going to their children’s soccer games and T-ball.  I remember nice days, too warm days , too cold days, too wet days and even too far to travel days.  I didn’t think at the time I would ever miss sitting in bleachers or in folding chairs.  I didn’t think I would miss the thrill of winning or the sadness of defeat.  Growth changes with people.  One needs to look forward to who they are becoming and how they are sharing with people in the world.  One needs to step back and let them succeed and fail.

Are there growing pains?  There are physical growing pains that you can feel.  There are emotional growing pains which you can also feel.  There are times you grow and you turn around and there was no pain and no time at all and you find that things have changed.  There are growing pains for the person going through change as well as those watching the transitions.

I look at the dandelions.  I look at the red bud.  I look at the elm tree.  I look at our children.  I see and learn from each one.  There are different growth cycles.  There are different lessons to be learned.  Today my husband David and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary of 33 years.  It seems like yesterday we went on our honeymoon and in some ways we are still on it.  We have grown and we have changed and we have done it together with laughter and grace.  We enjoy our place, our friendship, our time together and our time apart.

Growth isn’t easy.  To qualify your growth there are some things I humbly suggest for “good” growth: Enjoy today.  Don’t be afraid of growth or be too anxious about growth.  Enjoy tomorrow.  Enjoy remembering yesterday.   We tend to rehearse the “bad” message that have been said to us or we say to ourselves.  Hear them, release them – like the song says “Let it go”.  Rehearse the good things.  Rehearse that which gives life and love.  Take from each day that which brings peace and hope with you into the future.  Learn from others.  Learn from yourself.  Learn from your mistakes and from your successes –though I think mistakes help us grow faster.  This is the day you have – use it wisely.





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  1. Lovely blog!


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