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Lesson learned about humanity

April 26, 2016

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times……”  

I love to “people” watch when I am out and about. In Disneyworld it has been overload in no time. You see more diversity of people in their languages, dress and eating preferences. Disneyworld is a place to go if you have anything out of the ordinary for dietary needs and people needs. In other places you could be made to feel “strange” but here everyone is welcome and made to feel special. The magic is to feel more whole and a part of something bigger than yourself.
The busses can carry 2 scooters or wheelchairs and “kneel” down for easy access. Transportation in other places may be difficult but here it is made easier on a regular basis. Disney is ready for accessibility issues and people aren’t made to feel strange. My mother couldn’t do public transportation as easily or as well as here. People wear buttons with “first time visits” or as in the case of my mother “happy birthday”. Not only do the paid staff say something with a smile to you but total strangers that just want to share the joy of living and being “magical” to others say to my mom “happy birthday”. People find out mom is 90 and they stop and ask “What is your secret! I want to know so I can be 90 too”
I have seen crying, screaming, and total tantrums – and that was from adults not to mention kids! I have seen kids knowingly “push the buttons” of their parents, siblings and other kids in their party. The responses have been as varied as the people that created the issue. I have seen terrible parenting as well as the most gentle of fathers/mothers/adults in the middle of hot afternoons when all are at the breaking point an stressed out. I have seen very creative parents/adults working through the worst of situations with grace and love. I have almost stepped in with some who are not so gracious.  
Strangers are only strangers until you smile and start talking. Here you just can start up a conversation as you stand in line or wait for the fireworks. There is one chef that year after year that remembers my mom and sister when they eat there. You talk to people and see them later and you are greeted like long lost friends. Yet if you want to be alone and my yourself, there is space and place for that as well.  
For myself and my 2 sisters, we have traversed almost all of the parks. We have had fun and laughed and enjoyed being together as we celebrate mom’s 90th birthday. We have had fun standing in line. We have had fun being on rides. We have had It has truly been a magical time because we have made it that way for ourselves and mom. The interesting thing is that when we get home or when we gather after leaving we will still have magical moments because we will make them that way. We will laugh and have fun and enjoy life to it’s fullest.  


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