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Roots and wings

April 11, 2016


In 1983 Elaine M. Ward wrote a book called “Roots and Wings”.   It was used with the United Methodist Women’s study as a children’s study.  The idea of roots and wings is  talking about how we need to give our children roots – to hold onto in a world that can seem cruel and rip us apart as well as wings – to soar and grow and to take risks and fly above all the stuff that would drag them down.

My mother turns 90 this month.  She has give to us sisters and to our children both roots and wings.  She was a Sunday School teacher for 24 years and a Brownie and Girl Scout leader for all 3 of us sisters.  She worked at giving everyone roots and wings.  Last month we traveled down to San Antonio and went to the Botanical Gardens there.  We were met by a surprising set of bronze sculptures.  The Mexican Consulate in San Antonio is sharing through the Botanical Gardens the “Wings of the City”.  This is a  sculpture exhibit by world-renowned Mexican Artist Jorge Marín. “Wings of the City” is an urban art project that consists of eight monumental sculptures, including the main piece titled “Wings of the City,” featuring a pair of bronze wings.

These wings are impressive.  They are huge.  They are also at the top of a set of stairs which for Mom would be worse than climbing Mt. Everest.  My sister Sue had a solution.


She got down low enough to make it look like Mom had wings.  The gift of giving roots and wings is that the gift can keep on going.  Often people that appear to have “disabilities” are more limited by those around them than by the disability.

All of us went up to have our “wings” and pretend to fly.


I asked myself “How is it that I can share “roots” and “wings” today with those around me?  How do I ground myself and keep my root system healthy as well as take risks and fly and soar beyond where I am now?  Everyone needs both roots and wings.  We need to be grounded and to take flight.  Tend to your roots.  Tend to your wings. Share and give hope to others so that they can be strong and healthy.









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  1. What a great combination – roots and wings. Wonderful to see your mom still enjoying life at 90.


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