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How do you see yourself?

April 5, 2016


I used this photo on The Idea Room photo for the day.  One person commented on it as I  thought I might.  At first glance the small shrub has the BIG shadow.  Actually it is a large tree that is just out of the photo.  How often do we think our image is bigger than it really is?  How often do we think we cast a big shadow?

There is the question “Would you rather be a little fish in a big pond or a big fish in a little pond?”  When you look closely at the photo, you can see the shadow of the little shrub that is the appropriate size.  Many times we think about the “big” things that we do.  These are the major moments in our life that we think about.  On Dancing with the Stars tonight they are noting the BIG year in their life – a turning point.

What I have found that for me it is the ordinary that really becomes important in the long run.  As I look through photos and plan to do albums for our adult children and us – it is the everyday things that come to mind.  It is the little things that we repeat and tell stories on when we get together.  It is the everyday events that becomes precious when it no longer repeatable – when people have grown and places aren’t there any more to go to.

I remember seeing this image and when I ran and got my camera, the sun had gone under and cloud.  I had to wait several days before I could get it back as I first saw it.  There are times you don’t get the chance to “get it back” or “retake the image”but sometimes we do.  I try to live each moment in the moment and enjoy this day.  I do plan.  I do practice and get ready.  I do make my “to do lists”.  Sometimes you just need to let it go when things break into the day.  I hope you enjoy this day and tomorrow and every day in your future.



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