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I wish……

March 18, 2016

I was driving to a meeting and I said to myself “I wish I had thought about bringing my camera!”  I saw such wonderful images and I didn’t have the tools to do what I wanted.  The next thing I wished was “I wish I had taken time to stop.”  Where I saw these wonderful things were places that I couldn’t pull over and just enjoy them – even if I had the time.  I then said “I wish I had thought about leaving earlier and taken the camera with me.”  I began to just put the images in my mind to remember how great they were to set in motion the next time I set out on a journey.  I began to plan how I could get what I saw at different times if I would but start early and take my camera.  The fact is many times as we are leaving my husband says “Do you want to go early and take your camera?”  He is willing to stop.

Wishes are like new growth.  They are “almost” but “not yet”.  Wishes need to be nourished.  Wishes needed to be tended to.  They can be “frozen” or hurt very easily.  Wishes are possibilities that need tender loving care.

We make wishes all the time.  We think about things we would like to do.  We make wishes at birthdays.  We make wish lists for presents.  We wish on falling stars.  We have magical thinking about what might have been.  Many times we say “I wish…” for things that we MIGHT want to have but often don’t take the time, effort and money to have it happen.

Time management says that 20% of your list gets 80% of the things done.  When I start the day with meditation followed by calendar and look at the whole picture, I will have management my time better for the whole day.  I don’t have many “wishes” at the end of the day and feel that I have either wasted my time or not gotten the most important things done.

Next month I will be is Disneyworld with family.  There are many wishes there.  Don’t worry, I will have my camera and take time to record what I see.  There is Make A Wish Foundation.  Many times it is people’s wish to go to Disneyworld or Disneyland.  The idea that is behind the Make a Wish Foundation  is probably where I see wishes most useful.  Wishes are dreams.  These dreams only come true in the light of day and when you act on them.  Making a wish come true is practical.  It may take planning.  It may take baby steps.  It won’t be more than a wish unless you DO something.  Make a wish and then see it through.




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