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Mindful of today

February 29, 2016

I was sorting through photos for the Alive Now Magazine Daily Lenten photo because my sister, my mom and I are driving from Wisconsin to San Antonio for the next couple of weeks and I needed to “stock” up on photos.  In the process I came across some great shots of the humming birds.  

I realized that when they are here, I take it for granted.  I love to watch them.  After a while I don’t get the camera out because they are there so much.  Only when we take down the feeder do I realize that I don’t have that opportunity again until next year.  

What is it today that you need to “catch hold of”? What seems so ordinary but without it we realize it was really extraordinary?  I realized I need to take a breath, sit and just “be still”.  When I am scrapbooking is when I realize that it is the ordinary thing I miss when people are gone.  It is the ordinary that becomes extraordinary.  We live out in what folks might call the “boonies”.  I love the city and enjoy being there.  Here where we live is peaceful.  Here where we live we marvel at nature ever time we step out the door or get in the car – we have at least 30 minutes to travel to the nearest place to shop etc.  

I was going through my iPod music and came across Lee Ann Womack’s “I hope you dance”.  I was hearing the lyrics … “I hope you never loose your sense of wonder….May you never take one single breath for granted…”  Hearing the song, seeing the photos brought me to the point of wonder and awe at this day and being alive.  I hope you dance today.  I hope this day brings you wonder and joy.  I hope you see in the ordinary details the extraordinary things around you.  


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