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Predicting and weather

January 27, 2016

Last night they predicted 2 – 3 inches of snow.  Leaving for a meeting when it was sleeting just a little, I took the car – not the 4 wheel drive truck.  We got the 2 – 3 inches of snow before my meeting was done and it was on top of sleet and then we got more snow.  This morning the world looked beautiful.

Last night was a nightmare.  Some people leaving the meeting were going my direction.  I was hoping that the tire tracks I saw stayed in the road and didn’t go into the ditches or fields.  You couldn’t see where the road was nor where the ditches were on either side.  The road is flat (we do live in a very hilly part of the country and going in other directions would have been disastrous) but the road is very twisty.  Only once did I venture from the middle of what I thought was the road and that was when  a car coming towards me.  We both edged as best we could to let the other pass.  The snow was driving down and it looked like you were driving into a white porcupine quills which made seeing the twists and turns in the road plus wondering if you were going in a ditch interesting.  Once in a while you slide when you hit sleety parts of the road and skidding from side to side made one’s stomach also do flip flops.

Normally I would not venture out in such weather.  We have a really steep hill going down to our road – which I navigated without a hitch.  My husband had me staying on the car phone so he could find me if I slid off.  We have a very steep driveway and he had tested some parts and said it was ok.  I started skidding halfway down the driveway and I heard him say “turn, turn” because the garage door was ahead of me.  I said later “What part of “I am sliding” made you think I could turn?”  I did not hit the garage door and safely got to the place he had shoveled out for me – which was already covered in snow.

I grew up in winter weather in Wisconsin.  I know snow and how to drive.  I also realize when it is better to stay put or not go out if you don’t need to.  I know there are times that the weather predictions didn’t happen at all or didn’t happen to the degree predicted.  This was a time that it went the other way.  We all have to make choices and use the best information and judgement we can at the time.  We look to the past to see what we can do in the future.  I am grateful that things turned out well – there were equal chances along the way where things could have turned out differently.  I think about the people out east that have 30 and 40 inches of snow.  I lived in Chicago for some of the great snow storms and big city snow is so much more difficult to deal with and to drive in than country snow because there just isn’t the places to “put” the snow to get it out of the way.  My gut said “Don’t go” last night but my brain said “it isn’t going to get that bad in less than 2 hours”.  My gut was right and my head was wrong.  So what will I trust the next time?  I will have to wait and see what is happening but I know that I will put more weight on my “gut” instinct next time!



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