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Looking Versus Seeing

January 18, 2016

Today it is -35 F windchill.  Yet the sun is shining and the outside seem SOOOO inviting until you would step out and freeze.  Lake Wisconsin is booming and popping as the ice freezes deeply.  Sometimes the booms are loud enough to shake the house.  You can see in the ice on the river how things are shifting.

We have seen 23 different bird species at our bird feeders on the deck.  Once and awhile we are in the basement near the walkout door and we see many different birds are eating from the seeds dropped from above.  The other day we have over 12 turkey feasting.  I opened the door to get a better photo.


I honestly didn’t know turkeys could fly so high or so fast.  You can look at many things but can you truly SEE them unless you take time to study and observe.  The turkeys haven’t been back – it might be the cold or it might be we just haven’t seen them.  We don’t sit downstairs and observe like we do upstairs.

In the world we can look at many things and not truly see them.  It takes time to stop, be still, and just wait with patience to see what is in the world around you.  It is very cold today.  Many things will be canceled.  It is also a holiday honoring Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King.  Many people may look at the calendar but not see the sacrifices he made to make a difference in the world.  Take time today and everyday to see the truth of people and situations that need change.  There is racism and classism and sexism. Sometimes see fail to look or to see the pain and troubles that need all our attention and work.  We look at the words but we need to see the realities of life that need changing.  We can’t be skittish and fly away as the turkeys did.  We need to stick to the task of freedom and rights for all people to live and to love and to be healthy and to grow.

  1. This is a beautiful post…A great reminder for me to stop and really see. 🙂


  2. we all need the reminder from time to time. We get wound up and have tunnel vision just to get the next task done. I need to learn to slow down before I get sick or tired.


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