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Do you need help?

January 4, 2016


I was babysitting my 2 year old granddaughter while everyone else was out of the house.  She wanted to bring a big heavy box of blocks from downstairs to upstairs.  She and I are similar in that steps can be difficult at times.  I had her go ahead and I was putting the box on the steps ahead of me and step by step we were making pretty good progress until I heard this little voice ahead of me “Do you need help grandma?”  I started to giggle.  The thought of her helping me made me laugh.

The she said “Do you want help?”  I laughed out loud.  It is one thing to need help and it is another to actually want that help or recognize that it is needed even if it isn’t wanted.  We made it up the steps and had fun playing with the things in the heavy box.  Everyone came home and marveled that they were upstairs and they too laughed at the insight of the 2 year old.

I got to thinking about the new year.  There are times that will come that we do in fact need help.  Then the question will be – do we want help or can we ask for help? The photo was taken in a November rain in Missouri.  Each one of the raindrops could represent the future troubles we will have.  If it is cold out, each raindrop would be frozen.  It if were warm, each one would dry up.  Rain can nourish.  Each little raindrop adds up.  In Missouri now there are whole towns flooded and deluged by too many raindrops that have fallen.  In our lives there are also too many raindrops that fall and can be a flood that changes our lives forever.

I put my faith and trust in God to guide and show the way.  Sunday January 3rd I preached at the church I was baptized in, confirmed in and married in.  I still attend from time to time.  One person after the service said they had transferred from a closed church and it was said that church wasn’t there any more.  I said that the church I grew up in wasn’t really there any more either.  The little white frame country church with a steeple was changed for an education unit and a church that got too small and was widened and now is seeking to be changed even again.  The person noted that I had said the “church” was the people and in that case her church was still alive and well.  You can check on the church website to hear the sermon – Give a Compass.

May you not be overwhelmed by the raindrops in your life.  May you see and find the blessings in your life and share that joy with others.  May you realize if you need help and have the courage to want to ask for help.  May 2016 be a blessed year for you.



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