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December 28, 2015


The first snow storm of the season has started.  The roads are dangerous.  As in everything, you have options.  We canceled my husband’s therapy.  I canceled going to church tonight when it will be really bad and found out it was canceled last night our of precaution.  We are sitting and watching the wonders of nature and the wind swirls the snow.  I have tried to capture the swirls and only get snow going sideways.


We filled the bird feeders.  We have food.  We filled the bathtub with water incase we lose electricity on the water pump.  We can watch TV. We have new Christmas books to read – which we have started and read outloud to each other.



A friend must travel for a job interview over and hour today.  Our adult kids have to travel to work in all of this.  We are OK but what of the others.  We are safe.  How do we help others to be and feel safe?

When we look at climate change issues, we see that we are OK for now.  We have family in the flooding in Missouri.  It is horrendous.  People are losing their homes and livelihood.  Part of climate change isn’t just warming but violence in the weather patterns.  Just because we are or we feel safe doesn’t make it so.

We don’t know how much time we have to work on climate change.  This snowstorm has at least 20 hours to go with the worst yet to be.  We will get snow then ice then more snow.  I wish you safety.  I wish you warm.  I wish safe journey and travel to day and everyday.






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