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Almost the end of the year….

December 22, 2015


I have many photos of many birds at the feeders.  Every once in a while I get them coming and going.  So too are the many good ideas and intentions that we have.  There have been many posts lately that I have been readying about keeping an open mind as well as the need to write down goals for the coming year.

So many times we have good intentions but in the midst of life they are gone in an instant.  How do we capture those good “fleeting” ideas and have them become reality?  How do we “grasp” and “keep” what is good in our lives without being dragged down by that which we need to let go of?

What I see as this bird flies away are the many things that have fed me on my journey but I didn’t “capture” long enough to make them an image that stayed.  I take to heart what I hear about being mindful, intentional, writing goals down, and being open to the world and all the possibilities.  I am challenging myself and YOU to make 1 change at a time.  Write them down – letting go or keeping or adding to- your life and journey.  Don’t let the good things slip away or if they do revisit and try and “see” them again.  Do let slip away those things which drag you down or bring down others.

Create a world of grace and mercy, of one that care for people and environment.  One step at a time.  One dream at a time shared with others becomes reality for you and everyone you touch.  Good luck.  Good strength.  Create community that supports you.  Find people that will share and care your dreams to becoming reality.

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