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Moving on the Advent path

December 8, 2015



Advent is a time to prepare for Christmas.  The Alive Now Magazine has encouraged people to do a “Photo a day”.  You can find out more at  

80% of our communication is non-verbal.  With a camera, you begin to get a visual language that you can share and explore the world.  The image above was taken on a very rainy day.  Looking at it I can still hear the rain falling.

What images speak to you?  What images do you carry in your head?  Music keeps things in memory.  Have you ever gotten a song or commercial stuck in your head?  Images do the same thing.  They can be used for good or for more sinister things.  With all the conversation against Muslims, the images we see can echo with people’s fears rather than reality.  This is true in so many subtle ways.  In the western genre, the “good guys” wore white hats and the “bad guys” wore black.  What does that say of a society of immigrants and the many people of color that live in America.

Images are powerful when we see them.  They gain power when they rattle around in our memories.  Take a stand.  Don’t let words that bring about ideology of fear mongering.  Don’t turn away.  Counter act with words of hope.  Dispel the fear myths.  Change the narrative in your head and in your presence and help change the world.

One has to be still to hear the rain.  Let the stillness and presence of God permeate your world and your seeing.  Open your mouth and speak works that change the world around you.




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