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Journeying through Advent

December 1, 2015



Advent has started.  It really is outdated in many ways – both in the church and culture.  People have their Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving.  You already hear Christmas music.  Traditionally in the Christian church, Advent was like Lent. It was a somber time of preparation for the coming of Christ – not the coming as the baby in Bethlehem but the coming as a judge at the end of the world.  People were to prepare and get their lives in order.

Just like the song – there were 12 days of Christmas – from December 25 through January 6 – Epiphany – when the Magi came.  it was only then that Christmas carols were sung.  During Advent there were Advent carols but they have a very different feel and flavor to the Christmas season.  The Alive Now magazine is doing Advent through a photo a day.  The above picture I shared on day 2 #prepare.  We prepare our children for life by the toys we give, by the time we give, by the stories we read and the life we live.  We prepare food for gatherings.  We prepare for going on trips.  We prepare and get ready for so many things but we often leave ourselves out of the preparation cycle.  We need to take time to prepare our hearts and minds.

This season can be chaotic – between Thanksgiving and Christmas family gatherings where old wounds can surface and fester – buying gifts that we may or may not have money for – trying to get the right gift and hoping against hope it is right – and still living our everyday lives.  Take time to prepare for your spiritual and emotional journey to the new year.

There are several blogs that are working on preparing for Christmas.  One is based on the word and thoughts of Hope.  There are even secular blogs looking at a word a day until Christmas.  However you do it – through “adult” coloring, zentangle, photography, meditation, or just sitting silently, prepare your hearts and lives.  If Advent can have meaning for you, then use the season that way.  If Advent doesn’t hold meaning, then let the discipline of taking time to prepare help you gather your life together to move forward in a positive way into the new year.  Preparing can make all the difference in the world for how you see and react to the world.




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