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A hour with cormorants that taught me about trying.

September 23, 2015

We were out on the boat on Lake Wisconsin a few weeks ago.  We came upon a tree with birds in it.  We turned aside to see what was going on.  We discovered that the tree had cormorants.  We drifted by the island to observe the birds and get some photos.  The birds were pretty cooperative and just sat there.  It took some time to get the images in focus as boats were going by and we were rocking on the waves.

DSC09075 DSC09173 DSC09088 DSC09096 DSC09100 DSC09115-001 DSC09124 DSC09133 DSC09173 DSC09196

It was fun to see them dive in the water.  It was fun to see them fly low across the water.  It was funny to see them land in the tree.  These birds have webbed feet!  Didn’t anyone tell them that grabbing onto a limb would be difficult?  They would try and catch a limb and them fall to another limb and another and sometimes had to take off and fly around to try it again. When you first see them in the trees, you don’t see that they have webbed feet.  It is only as they are bracing for a landing that you see the webbed feet sticking out trying to grab for a limb.  For the most part it seemed if they got ahold of a limb, they stayed there for a while.  It was after a while that we noticed that they were sitting on the dead limbs.  The small island had a number of trees but it was mostly to the dead branches that they flocked or to the top most branches.  It appeared these were easier targets when trying to grab onto something.

I got to thinking of things I have tried and succeeded or failed.  Had I known I would fail, would I have tried it?  Maybe yes and maybe no.  Sometimes it is a good thing that you don’t know you will fail before you try – so go out and try.  Even failure is a good teacher if you look at what lesson are to be learned.  So if you are in a situation where you have “webbed feet” and you are trying to catch a “limb to sit on”, go for it!  It may take a try or two but you can eventually you might just get your limb and you can hang on.  Keep trying and you might just be amazed at what you can do.


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