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Being still and quiet

August 14, 2015


We live on a lake.  There are times there are white caps which means the wind is strong.  The other day as we were eating breakfast on the deck, we saw the stillest lake we have seen in a long time.  Just looking at it can make one peaceful.  I got to thinking: How often do we become either calm or energized by what is around us?  If the lake is stormy, do we feel more agitated?  If the lake is peaceful, do we feel calm?

I know that when my living space and workspace are disorganized, it is hard to be calm and productive.  Having a clean table is like having a blank piece of paper – all things are possible.  I have learned over time that Centering Prayer can help me keep myself calm and in peace.  There are things that help bring peace to you but internally one can bring peace to oneself and in turn bring peace to those around you.

Val Isenhower has an ebook “Meditation on both sides of the camera”.  Not only is gathering images peaceful and brings insight to one’s life and self but it brings insight as you are looking and meditating on them later.  I can look at the calm lake picture and close my eyes and be mindful of the feeling of calm that can come over me.

I can also feel calm through music.  On the other hand there are times when I have needed to clean and organize, it is the Overture of 1812 that can get me revved up.  We need to know what makes us “tick”.  We need to know how to be still and quiet.  We need to know how to get energized and active.  It is being mindful of what is on the outside and inside and taking control of what you need at the time.  Find your quiet and stillness today.  Find your energizing and action today as well.  Good Luck

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