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What holds you in a storm? What helps you to move?

August 6, 2015

DSC08446We have a boat.  It is safe on the lift.  It is safe tied to the dock.  It is safe on the lake when it is anchored.  As I looked at the rope that was tying the boat, it made me think of what “ties” help me to feel safe and what “ties” keep me from moving?  We launched the boat one day in high winds.  I could hardly keep the boat by the dock and it turned 180 degrees around.  Had both ends been tied it would have stayed where it belonged but I only had 1 end.

Just because you are “tied” doesn’t mean that you are safe and not going to get into trouble.  Also there are times that being “tied” are actually in trouble.  It is said that large ships leave the harbor and anchor out so that they are safe and don’t get banged around in the harbor in strong winds.  There are some times that you don’t feel safe in the water at all.

Life may seem like a lake.  Sometimes it is as smooth as glass and sometimes the wind and waves are so strong and the white caps so many, it seems that you may never reach safety.  A boat can be powered by motors, people paddle power or if a sailboat, by the wind.  It is important to know what make a difference – you need to know when to tie up and when to move out.

What helps you to know what to do?  Asking an expert will help.  Knowing how things worked out in your own life – experience – helps.  Sometimes you just need to do the best you can based on where you are and what you know.  We all need anchors and ties to secure places in our lives.  We also need to be “set free” of the ties and the shore to explore and have fun.  What brings you safe feeling?  What holds you back?  Stay safe when you need to be, otherwise explore and live life to its fullest.

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