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What is the purpose?

July 23, 2015

DSC08324DSC08353This is a Mayfly.  Unless you have lived by a river where they hatch, you will never know nor can someone explain what it means to be in a Mayfly hatch. They come out all at once.  They hang on the trees.  They can over cars.  Cities build bridges with grates so they can snowplow them off the roads.

DSC08378DSC08422 They hand on trees so that they look like brown leaves.  You can actually “see” them on radar.  They live 24 hours.  They have no digestive system.  They don’t eat.  They mate and die.

DSC08397 Fish love them and gorge on them.  Everything eats them.  They cover the water, the trees – even people if they are down by the river.

Often people say “What is the purpose – of this or of that?”  Looking by themselves one might wonder at what good a Mayfly is.  In the Lion King movie there is a song “The Circle of Life”.  One must look at the larger picture to understand the world.  We have issues with climate change because as humans we fail to look beyond ourselves and find the purpose for something that we see as nonessential.  The environment is something that is both tenacious and fragile at the same time.  We need to care for our planet.

Sometimes people don’t feel they have worth.  Like the mayfly, they may seem insignificant or nonessential.  Part of the circle or our lives is to share with others the purpose we see that they play and how they are to be part of the bigger picture – for themselves and for others.  Caring for each other is right up there with caring for the planet for we are all God’s creatures.  Look around you.  Claim your purpose.  Claim what you can do for the environment and understand the circle of life where you live.

  1. Fascinating about the Mayflies. Thanks both for the closeup and the picture of the mounds of insects. It looks like some sort of stinger, but they don’t sting, do they? Good essay!


  2. I guess a day is the equivilent of a lifetime..its all relative isnt it? The amount of problems they can cause thought in just a day is phenomenal – took me over a week to clear up after the last lot. 🙂 Nice post – I liked your pictures.


  3. though not thought…sorry.


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