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What do your ripples say?

July 15, 2015


Everyone loves to throw rocks in the water.  Skipping stones is fun.  There were ripples that start from where the stone hits the water until you can’t see them anymore.  Many churches have “ripple” ministry with children and youth.  This is a way to share that what they do matters.  Their ripples extend out and you really don’t know where they wind up.  So start your ripples with a good thing and let the good things flow out into the world to make it better.

The opposite is also true.  Take a bad thing and it ripples out.  It distorts the images we see and makes them hard to define.  So often these days there are hateful words in the news and adds and it will get worse as the presidential race intensifies.  What we say matters.  What we do matters.  We need to have the ripples go out and out with the best things possible to get the world a better place rather than a bitter place.

I also know that by some shorelines there is a sign “Don’t throw stones into the water.”  One stone doesn’t seem to matter but many stones will fill in the shoreline.  When we throw stones it will change the place that we are throwing.  Look at the consequences of what you are saying.  What happens is you say this or that?  When we say things in anger, we can’t take them back.  They keep rippling on.  What we say in love also ripples to far reaching consequences.  Make your ripples count today.


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