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Attitude of Gratitude

May 7, 2015

Over 25 years ago we create a place and space where we now have retired to.  Our family has always enjoyed this place.  We still do.  We sometimes take things that are familiar for granted.  We have begun to see Baltimore Orioles and humming birds.  We put up our feeders for them.  With all the activity we did on the porch these are the photos …..DSC06104 DSC06105 DSC06197 DSC06219 DSC06221No birds anywhere.  I realize that not only do we need to have the food in the feeders (there are times the finches are fighting over the thistle and you can almost see the see going down) but you also need to have trees around for their safety.  After getting the feeder out, we could see the birds coming back to the trees and being to come back to the feeders.

DSC06162 DSC06179 DSC06190DSC06225The birds started coming back.  No Baltimore Orioles or Humming birds yet but I know they will come.

Mindfulness is being aware of where you are and what is going on around you.  Just sitting there and watching the empty feeders blowing in the wind help me to know there is preparation and timing for the birds and in life.  I will be able to sit later and see the birds coming.  There are things that need to be done like preparing the food in the feeders.  There is patience and waiting.  There is expectation.

We have hung the feeders over the railing edge and so seed that is not eaten but shucked out of the feeders drops on the ground a story below rather than on the deck.  There are birds that are ground feeders.  In preparation I also washed the windows of the smudges that happen in life were gone and I could have a good view of the bird feeders.

If we live with an attitude of gratitude, we will see blessings and great things even in the smallest of things.  These small things will build and grow and help fill us so that we can fill the world.  To have great photos means to have patience. To have great times in life takes patience.  You need to prepare – not only the bird feeders – but to clean the lens of your camera and the windows.  To have an attitude of gratitude might mean to clean the lens of your soul and life to see clearly the awesome views from where you live and move.  To have great photos means that you have planned ahead to have an inviting and safe place for the birds to come – even when you aren’t using your camera.  In life, we need to prepare ourselves so that we are inviting so others will find peace, mercy, grace and safety in the space where we live and move.

Look around.  Have an attitude of Gratitude and joy this day.

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