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What is your neighborhood like?

May 5, 2015

I have lived in Chicago, in the suburbs, in the rural areas and in small towns.  Many times we have only one or two neighbors if that many.  As we were boating on Sunday around Lake Wisconsin, I saw how different the lake front houses are.  Some hardly have room to breathe.  Some are huge houses with large lawns. Some look commercial.  Some look crowded.  Some look picturesque.   We have a nice size home.  We have a few neighbors.  Our neighbors are not only the people but wildlife.

DSC05821 DSC05922  Across the road out front and up the hill, we have deer, fox and wild turkey.  Out the back as we face the lake, we have 26 species of birds at our feeders and these pelicans and cormorants.  We also have Snow Geese, Cranes and regular geese flying.  There are a few people as well.  You can see the stars and the Milky Way.  For over 25 years we have come here and enjoyed a day or two.  We always knew it was special.  Now we are here all the time.  It is special but you can get lulled into every day as sometimes being “ho hum”.  I hope I never forget the wonder and awe of nature and the beauty that is here.  I have tried to always see the wonder and awe of wherever we lived.  We tried to take advantage of that which was unique where we lived.  I challenge you to see your world, your neighborhood with eyes of wonder and awe.  See the beauty as well as the challenges.  Find that which is unique and celebrate each day.   There is that saying “Bloom where you are planted”.  It doesn’t say “give up”, or “don’t try moving” or “forget others”.  The world is our neighborhood.  What happens in Baltimore or Chicago to people happens to us.  What happens in the environment like oil spills and clear cutting forests also happen to us.  Creation – people, plants, animals and birds – they are our neighborhoods as well.   Wherever you are, make a difference and have where you live make a difference in your life.

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