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Seeing what is real

April 27, 2015

Last week my husband and I were in Chicago in the Holiday Inn on the 23rd floor.  It was so cool to look out over the city that I love.

DSC05311We were looking at the boats and the trains and the cars and the people.  I noticed that the building reflected the scene in the river.

DSC05310 I could see the little yellow boat.  I could see the buildings that I couldn’t see because they were hidden from my view.  As I looked I thought “What is the real scene?”  Was it the first image or was it the refection?  Both are real images but they are perceived differently.

In life we see things and we see them as “real”.  We don’t often know that they are merely reflections.  Reality can be blurry.  Reflections can be blurry.  We need to see the larger picture.  That is true in reading the Bible.  Some people focus on one verse out of context of the whole.  There are some things that are ‘time bound’ and some that are ‘timeless’.  A few Sunday’s ago the pastor preached that we should look for those scriptures that are ‘timeless’ and underline them in the Bible for times of our lives.  We need to check with the whole of scripture and study with those of the same goal.  Life is a study.  It is a journey with others.  It is a journey looking out and looking in.

Life offers us many views.  The first image was a ‘wow’ moment.  We saw water taxi’s, tour boats and official boats.  There was so much going on.  The second image was also a ‘wow’ moment.  I could see in the reflection things that I couldn’t see from my vantage point because they were hidden from my view.  We need to look around us.  We need to see what is there but see too around the corners to what is hidden from our view.  No matter where we stand, no matter how high the building, we can’t see everything.  We need others and reflections as well as a good view to see the real life around us.

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