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Didn’t quite get it today.

April 7, 2015

There are days when everything goes perfectly and then there are other days.  I was out with my sister and cousin looking for eagles.  We didn’t see eagles but we did see a loon.  It was busy feeding.  Just about the time I would get the bird in focus with my camera, it would dive down.  The longer we were there the farther it was moving from us and the longer it took for me to find it.  I would try and leave the lens with the long range focus but I couldn’t find the bird easily.  I would zoom out and then find it and zoom in but by then the bird would be going back down under the water to feed.  Most of the photos were of just water, blurred bird or other objects in focus but the bird not.  It was very frustrating.

DSC05032This was one of the first images I received.  It was probably the best.  I got frustrated and started looking around.  There were some docks and the water’s reflection was really quite interesting.  DSC05068 I reflected that I was learning more about getting images of birds but I was also learning more about myself.  I was able to relax and enjoy the time when I gave up my frustration and being upset with myself at not getting the photos that I thought I had come for.  I know that I have seen eagles by our home and my camera was in the house.  I just stood and soaked it all in – just watching their majestic soaring.  Sometimes the best images are in our mind and not seen through the lens.  Sometimes the best images are not able to be printed.  I didn’t quite get what I thought I wanted today but instead I got much more.  I was able to see and be in the moment.

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