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Where is there new life for you today?

April 2, 2015

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Today I was out and about in our yard.  There are new living things all over.  Just think 2 weeks ago there was ice on the lake.  We are at the beginning of the life cycle of spring.  Today is Holy Thursday and Easter is Sunday.  New life – resurrection – even Easter Eggs as we look at new life all over.

What about you? What is new for you today?  Keeping a journal can seem daunting. In this world of “bad” news, think about keeping a journal of “good news” or things that will make you smile or make you happy.   I have a book “14,000 Things To Be Happy About” by Barbara Ann Kipfer.  My mother gave it to me a long time ago for use with children’s time in worship and just to get a positive attitude on days that weren’t so positive.  The book was written 25 years ago.  She started as a child in a notebook writing down lists of what made her happy.  She ended up with 14,000 things.  Have you thought about listing what makes you happy?  This isn’t like the song “Don’t Worry – Be Happy”.  It is more the thought of Shalom – peace but peace where there is well being for all.

I have a tile with the words “If Momma isn’t happy – nobody’s happy!”.  That isn’t quite it either.  In 1 Corinthians 12 it talks about the body having many parts.  1 Corinthians 12: 26 If one part is suffering, then all the members suffer alongside it. If one member is honored, then all the members celebrate alongside it. ” I understand that in a very real way.   Yesterday I had a tooth worked on.  Yes, my whole body suffered.  Today my tooth is well and my whole body feels better.

When we see people in poverty, illness or children that aren’t cared for, it is more than just compassion we should feel.  We should be bound to action to change the social situations that cause that suffering.  When someone is suffering we all suffer.  On the flip side, why I am talking about things new – when there is growth, when there is change we all gain.  When a small step is made toward changing society – how we treat the earth, how we treat each other – we all gain and our children and grandchildren gain.

We need to look for new life in all our world.  Spring reminds us of hope that we can share and that we can make a difference.  There is a book “The Star Thrower” by Loren Eiseley.  The gist is that someone is walking on the beach at low tide and when they see a star fish that is still alive they throw it back into the sea so that it will live.  The other person coming the opposite way seeing this person throwing one star fish at at time, points out the futility of tossing them back.  The person throwing says “It will make a difference for this one.”

We need to work as a society on big things together as well as one by one making a difference in small ways.  They all point to making a better world for all.  So I ask again “Where is there new life for you today – and new life for others today?

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