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How is your focus?

March 11, 2015

I work with a camera that allows the aperture to change and have a small depth of field.  This allows things in the front and behind to be blurred/obscured with the small think in the middle to have focus.

IMG_6382 This ability with the camera can give you great images.  We also do this in real life.  It can be helpful or harmful.  We focus on certain things – sometimes negative and sometimes positive – and dwell on them. Worry and negativity can spiral us in a bad direction.  This ability to focus also allows us to push on through a project or it can be a stumbling block to finishing what is needed to be done.

In the middle of the winter we think the snow and think it will never end.  In the middle of summer we think the heat will never end.  We are now in the season that where things are melting.  There is the hope of spring.  Of all the seasons, this is the one that bothers me.  Instead of focusing on the hope of spring and warmth, I can focus sometimes on the junk by the side of the road.  It can be depressing.  You see all the stuff that was pushed to the side of the road by the plows.  You see things by the side of the road that people threw out and that were hidden by the snow.  It is kind of an ugly season.  Yet the other day with the fog and my focus changed!  My focus was taken away from the junk on the side of the road.  I looked up.  I looked around.  I began to focus on other things besides what was getting under my skin.  In some ways I was “letting go” of my pet peeve.   I saw a poster once “You know someone’s pet peeve because they feed it so much.”

What do you focus on?  How is your focus?  Is the glass half full?  Is the glass half empty?  Is the glass not even there?  This season of Lent I have been following the Rethink Church Lent Photo-a-day.  It is under spirituality on their website. It says “We’re discovering God together through Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience.”  Each day of Lent is a new “word” and devotion.  You are to find a photo and post it with the # and the word of the day.  Using my camera does help me focus in so many different ways.

Having this discipline of each day reading, praying and looking at the world through my camera helps me to see beyond the piles on the side of the road.  What helps you to focus?  If you have never tried using a camera to focus on the world, I invite you to do so.  Val Isenhower’s book “Meditation on both side of the camera: a spiritual journey in photography” is a great resource.  It is an ebook.  You can purchase it on or through the United Methodist Church’s Upper Room.  She also offers a class online through the Upper Room.  Through working with her taking the course several times and using her book, my focus as been opened in breadth and depth.  Look at the world.  See it through new focus.  Take a deep breath and live life to its fullest.

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