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March 4, 2015


I work very hard on the images that I receive. I post what I see to be the best.  I try all different settings and all different angles.  Yet there is time that images wind up out of focus.  I believe life is like that too.  We set our goals.  We calendar.  As a pastor, people asked why I didn’t always stick to my schedule I had posted.  I said “I have a phone and a door and people use both.”  I stopped posting my schedule and just said that these were the times “I would most likely”  be in the office.

In time management articles they caution against the “tyranny of the urgent”.  If you plan your day and there are important things to be done, you need to stick to it. As a pastor you couldn’t schedule people being rushed to the hospital or dieing.   I looked at goals for the week and brackets of time that were needed to get things done.  What I never got good at was leaving enough “slack” time for all those little extras that got shoved into the schedule.

There are problems if you set your goals and don’t get to them because you are “putting out fires” that really are not getting to the needs of your family or your important goals. There are work goals.  There are family goals.  There are personal goals.  There are times that everything needs to be done right now – all at the same time.  Focus is really important to know how to set priorities.  One needs to evaluate how things went to adjust for the next week or the next time something happens.

We have to be mindful of the urgent. Is it really urgent?  Can someone else do it?  Can it be put off? Does it really need to be done at all?  We have to be mindful of where we are, who we are and what needs to happen.  We need to be mindful of this day and take time to just sit and get things in order.  It is said that 20% of your list is 80% of what needs to be done.  The other 80% is only 20% of what needs to be done.  One would think that in retirement there would be more than enough time to go around.  I have found in my reality that there isn’t spare time anywhere.  I still need to calendar.  I still need to set goals.  I need to look at this day and confer with my husband and family on other needs that I may or maynot know of.

Maybe there will come a time that I will just sit and not worry about the focus of the day.  Until such time that I might sit still,  I will catch myself in flight during the day as I feed myself and others around me.  I will take time in the morning to focus on the day and do my best to keep the whole day in focus.


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