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We are all unique.

February 5, 2015

frostThis is a picture of frost on our windows during one of the coldest days so far this week.  I hear that frost crystals are as unique as snowflakes.  Each one of us is unique and we build our world from when we are little on.  It is said that in 21 days, you can create a new habit.  Yet I find that once that habits I have once created, are hard to break.  I find that I slip into a habit and am going merrily along before I even realize that I have slipped into an old pattern.

I find that ways that I organize myself, ways that I work, and ways that I accomplish things are still very much ingrained as when I was working.  People who have seen me say that I look and act more relaxed.  If you look at all the phones out in the world, they look so different on the outside.  They have different colors and different types of cases.  On the inside many of them are just the same.  Changing the case doesn’t change the inside.  My journey in retirement is looking at the inner cogs and seeing what is making them tick and why.

Part of my journey from working full time to being retired is to identify, to clarify and to choose that which worked for me before and that which will work for me now.  Many of the things that led me to organize how I functioned no longer exist.  I won’t change my stripes just because I am packaged in “retirement” rather than “working” but I need to analyze and check what I do, the reasons I am doing it and see if it is still efficient and working or is it just habit.

I will see what I want to keep.  I will see what I want to let go of.  I will see what new things will come into my life.  I challenge you to check and see what your life is like – what is working, what isn’t, what needs to change, what needs to stay the same and where your uniqueness is allowing you to grow.  God bless and good luck.

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