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Do You Remember?

January 27, 2015

IMG_0313I have been going through things as we move to a new state and move into retirement.  I am choosing what projects to finish and what to let go.  Anyone recognize what the picture shows?  It is a cross stitched baby quilt.  The pattern is printed on the fabric with water soluble ink.  You finish the project and wash it and the lines go away.  It took a while when I first got the project out to remember what to do.  First you have to sort the floss by color.  You have to number it and then read the directions.  You also have to remember how to cross stitch! Then you need to start crossing and do all the crosses the same.  When all the crosses are made, you have to outline each thing.

You might not be able to see it – I don’t think you can – but some of the stitches aren’t in the same direction!  Also there were times that I took the wrong floss! In a kit they only give you what you need.  I had to get my old floss out and see if there was a similar color.  I was able to find what I needed and finished.   I feel good that I could do this after so many years.  There is the saying “It is as easy as falling off a bike”.  That saying implies that you have fallen off a bike before.

There are many things in our lives that we have done and then years later we might need to do something we used to do.  It takes time to remember if there is something you have done before.  I began to think of all the counted cross stitch and patterned cross stitching I had done years ago.  I had done small projects. I had done big projects.  It made me think that when we are young it is important to try and do different things because later on we might be called to do it again.  Having something in your memory might help you pick it up again.

I think it also tells us that it is never too late to try things.  People put together bucket lists of things that they want to do.  I don’t know that doing counted cross stitch would have been on my bucket list but it felt good that I could do it.  It made a great Christmas gift for my granddaughter and her new Cabbage Patch Doll.  Think about things you still want to do.  Go try them.  Be creative.  Invite friends to join you in your quest.  It is never to late to learn.  For those things that require physical activity, try and do them while you still can.  Help others who are young to stretch their imagination and creativity and do things while they are still young.  You never know what you do that will help others later in life or in their life right now.

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