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Snow globe effect

January 23, 2015


The dictionary says affect: to have an influence on or effect a change in.  The dictionary says effect: something brought about by a cause or agent; a result.  I was thinking about these 2 words because of the snow that came the other day.  Sometimes the snow makes me feel like I am in a snow globe.  It is soft and fluffy and me makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Some snow storms make me feel like building a fire and protecting myself from the elements.

When the snow comes gently, I will walk outside without a coat and just dance and sing and enjoy the feeling of the gentle snow.  It is almost like walking in a gentle rain.  I take a short walk and go back inside refreshed and ready to create , to learn and to enjoy the day.  The gentle snow both is an affect and an effect in my life.

The show globe effect is an energizing time in my life.  What energizes you?  What drains you?  I love rainy days because I can curl up and read and work.  The gentle snow helps me to read and to word and to pray and to enjoy the moment that I am living in.  Do you have something like the “snow globe effect” in your life?  The advertisement of the Energizer bunny on TV makes me think of all those things that energizes me.  We don’t have batteries but we do need things that help us keep going.

We all need to have things that help fill us up.  We all need to recognize what fills us and what depleats us.  What works for me is to see the hope and the joy in whatever comes around me.  I am not swayed by that which is outside of me for that would be a roller coaster ride.  I can use those things that happen outside of me to remind me of what is already inside of me and choose to be energized in the moment.  Look around you.  What in God’s creation helps energize you and keeps you going?  Share what works for you.


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