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Let Your Light Shine

January 19, 2015


Even if you don’t usually set goals, January 1 brings out the question “What are your New Years Resolutions?”  I was listening on the news and they said that most resolutions don’t even last to the end of the month of January.  It is now January 19.  Many resolutions are being snuffed out.  It could be by inaction.  It could be from neglect.  It could be the goals need to have baby steps to get there.

If you have set some goals, what is snuffing out your lights that you set aglow January 1? The news report said most goals especially ones about getting in shape (loosing weight, exercise) work better if you have someone you are accountable to and work with.  We can fool ourselves that we are not “too far” behind in our goals if there isn’t anyone we are accountable to.  If we get to far behind, we often just quit rather than readjust our goals.

Accountability is one thing that helps goals shining, the other things is it takes continued momentum to keep it glowing.  It is said that the longest and hardest step is to go from 0 to 1.  It is hard to get going but sometimes for me the planning and starting is exciting but the maintenance, the keeping going can get hard over time.  Momentum gets shifted to a new planning or something that seems urgent that comes up.  How do you keep on keeping on?

2015 will be the first year of my retirement.  It no longer seems like a vacation.  I am still excited about getting to things that I didn’t get done before.  I set out each day and have more to do than can be done in 24 hours.  Yet I still don’t have some of my dreams pinned down for reality or to really make happen.  Maybe they never will.  I know they won’t unless I do something.

My light – God’s light within me – will be shining.  I know that many times I just need to get out of the way for that to happen. When to push?  When to step back?  I have always set my own goals and been highly structured.  My words: Remember, Renew, Reach Out, Relate are helping me look back to see what worked and look forward to see where it will lead me.

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