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January 7, 2015

DSC02627 I have been frozen out of this blog since the beginning of December. Finally I was able to get back in.  We had to change emails and phone numbers.  Even thought I thought I had done everything, important information has continued going to a disconnect phone and email.  We become disconnected in different ways at different times in our lives.

As the new year starts there are things that we have disconnected from and can no longer get back and get information from. This is a new year. As I write this, it is one of the coldest days we have had. I am thankful for a warm home and a wonderful fireplace. I am thankful to be able to go outside for short times. My prayers and wishes are for those who are not warm and have to be out for a long time.

People talk about New Year’s resolutions. There are those that have suggested one word to guide them. Whatever you do, decide to be guided by prayer and trusted people that journey with you. Some of those are friends and some are family. (I think it is funny that often I mistype friends as fiends. That sometimes happens.)

I share with you 4 words to guide my way:  Remember, Renew, Reach out, Relate.  With these four words I hope to unfreeze , thaw out my fears and help me to go forward.  These four words will help me bring my past into my future and hopefully continue to grow.  May your new year unfreeze and blossom.

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