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What is your migration route?

December 4, 2014

pelicansThis fall, my husband and I were out on the boat on Lake Wisconsin and came upon a huge flock of pelicans as they were migrating.  Now that we are home from our Thanksgiving travels and looking forward to our Christmas journeys, I began to see a parallel as we humans too migrate.  We all have places we call home.  Sometimes that “home” is where you were born.  Sometimes that place that you were born isn’t a place you can go back to.  Home can be where you are living now.  Each one of us is drawn to a “home”.  It is in our home that we can feel safe.  It is in our home that we can refresh and get away from the world.

I think that is why when a home is vandalized, broken into or burned to the ground that lives become unraveled.  I see the news reports of California where people are trying to save their homes from the mud slides.  These are the same people that tried to save their homes in the fires.  Nature’s disasters – earth quake, fire, flood and all weather related storms can in an instant change your life and home situation. What was a secure home of safety can be gone in seconds and take a long time to rebuild.

The unrest in Ferguson Mo and in New York City and all around the United States share that some people don’t feel that their neighborhoods and homes are safe for them or their children.  People are asking for real change so that where they live will feel safe and be their home.  People are asking for change so that people of color can feel safe in the presence of the police in their home and neighborhoods.

There was a United Methodist Women’s study a number of years ago “Roots and Wings”.  Our children need both from us.  They need the roots of home where they feel safe.  They need wings to travel to new places and do new things.  The wings will help them migrate safely home.

Where is your home?  Where do you migrate from or to?  Where are your roots and where do your wings take you?  Shalom doesn’t mean peace with an absence of violence just for you.  Shalom is a well being for all people.  If people in Ferguson Mo. don’t have Shalom, then neither do those of us who live elsewhere.  That isn’t because of protests, it is because part of the people of God are suffering.  Scripture in 1 Corinthians 12 says “If one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers.”  People have been suffering for many years – not in silence but not able to make a changes.  Change is needed so people can have Shalom.

We have said “Thanks”. we have traveled home or others have come to our home.  We are now looking toward Christmas and holiday travels.  Many of us will say “Peace”.  Let us mean it.  Let us work toward it for all people.  Let us make a difference.  Let us look for ways to help people have roots and wings.  Look as you “migrate” in these holiday days.  mafke a difference.  Pray for peace in the world – Shalom.

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