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What is it like being retired?

November 18, 2014

DSC02431People ask “What is it like being retired?” I am not sure how to answer that. I have plans. I get up in the morning and there are still tasks to be done when I go to bed. I organize and prioritize what I need to do. There are always more to do than meets the eye. There is more to do than is in the schedule.
Lake Wisconsin is beginning to ice over. It may be hard to see in the photo but the lake was warmer than the air and was giving off steam. The leaves are gone from the trees. The world is shutting down both with nature and with people because of the frigid weather and snow.
Some people have called retirement the “winter” of your life. I don’t feel iced over. I don’t feel so cold that I can’t move. I have things to do. I have places to go. I have people to see. We are gathering family and planning to go to gatherings. Our life is full. Our life is happy.
Being clergy means getting a new appointment. Retirement might be called an appointment. It is an appointment to live and experience life in a new way. It is about looking in the past but reaching through the present to the future. I am having fun. I am alive and living.
This is the winter season. It will lead to spring and different experiences. Retirement is leading to new experience where the old experiences are going dormant and new ways are forming. I have always loved winter. I can’t cross country ski or downhill ski because of my artificial hip. I can’t get on the ground to make snow angels but I believe a few snow people are in the forecast. I love the crisp air. True, I can’t stay out in it as long as I used to but I still love this season. I also love this season of my life.

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  2. I’m retired and I have both hips replaced! I ride my horse, go to the gym and write blog posts. to be honest I am busier than when I was working. Nice to see you are enjoying your retirement as well.


  3. Retirement is what you make of it. My life is full from morning to night as when I am not busy with activities, I love to sit at my computer and write about the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met. There’s never time to be bored!


  4. You are so true about being busy. I had to go back to using a calendars. Keep on keeping on.


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