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Catch a falling leaf?

November 6, 2014

I have always enjoyed the fall leaves.  I have enjoyed the colors.  Last year there was a frost and the leaves of our maple tree were frozen and fell to the ground in one day. It was the interesting sight and sound to hear leaves almost sound like shattered glass falling.   I have seen the leaves come and go and our maple in our front yard was still green.  One day it turned yellow.  A few days later there was wind swirling them all around.  The results was that our tree lost all its leaves again in one day.  I guess this tree just loses its leaves in one day.  You see green leaves.  You see colored leaves and then you see leaves on the ground.  It is been a wonder to see 2 years in a row falling all in one day.

My disappointment is that I have yet to do it justice with the camera.  Our eyes and brain work so much better than mechanics.  The more I try to have a camera capture the images that I see, the more I marvel at some of the really cool photos in the world.

I guess that this year there have been times that I saw and just let the wonder of the colors soak in because what I saw and what I received on the camera image never matched up.  I enjoyed taking a deep breath and just “being” in the world.  Saturday I tried and have my husband throw some leaves so that I could get photos of the leaves falling.  I did get a leaves because there were so many falling, it felt like there were leave tornados whirling around but I didn’t get any good photos.  I finally just sat and enjoyed the wind, the leaves and just “being” outside.

I love to scrapbook my photos.  It helps in my remembering.  I love to journal and to remember ideas and feelings.  I love to laugh and share stories with my family and friends.  Sometimes things are most important to be felt as they happen.  We may not have photos to share some of the best moments.  We may not have stories to share captured like we wish.  We may not even have people to share things with but they are still valuable experiences and times to let the world and wonder soak in so that it can help fill us up.  It is sort of like having solar power and having a battery backup.

It is hard for me to journal which is why I usually use photos to remember.  This blog helps me to think in words and journal the days and feelings.  Take some time today to breath and soak in the moment.  Take some time today and in your way mark the moment in journaling, photos or drawing.  Be creative and live.

Look closely and you might see falling leaves!



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