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Why do you think some people drive slow?

October 14, 2014

fall sceneI believe people drive slow to really savor and soak in what is going on around them.  I have taken extra time when I drive to catch the wonderful amazing colors of oranges, reds, and purples that fill the scenery around me.  I find some people traveling above speed and speeding on by.  I have also seen others with cameras walking out to get the color of the trees or stopped and even just looking out their open windows.  Going slow doesn’t have to do with age but with awareness.  I remembered a book a read a long time ago “Three Mile an Hour God” by Kosuke Koyama.  Too often we are in a hurry in our travels and really miss what is around us.  Slow down to go deeper into the world around you.

I found I was like “Frederick” from the book of that name by Leo Lionni.  All the other mice are storing food for the winter and it appears that Frederick isn’t doing anything all summer.  When the stores of food are gone, Frederick shares in words and images that keep all the mice alive until spring. His words bring life, warmth and a different reality than the one they are facing.    I am soaking in as much of the color as I can but I hope in the winter cold I will be seeing new and awe inspiring things.

The other day, I looked around and said “It’s nice but it was nicer a week ago when the sun was shining.”  Today I realized that it is TODAY that I need to see the wonders and beauty.  It is TODAY that I need to be amazed and in awe of what God has done.  I took time to “stop and smell” the proverbial roses.  I was careful so that no one would hit me as I was there paused and still as people sped past.  I actually talked to someone who said “Where did you come from?  It was really wonderful two years ago.”  I am here now.  I am seeing now.  I want to share now.

How did you travel today?  How do you want to travel tomorrow?  Say “Thanks” and “Wow” at least a few times a day and the wonders that you see will be dramatically increased by your awareness and recognition.  Share the joy with others.


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