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Shout Out to the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo Wisconsin

October 9, 2014

I was in college in the early 70’s.  One of my friends went down to a new adventure in Baraboo to a new organization the International Crane Foundation.  At the time I thought “What difference does this make?”  Fast forward to the September and October 2014.  For the past weeks every time I leave the house, I go by fields that have between 3 – 20 Sandhill cranes in them.  The International Crane Foundation raised all species of cranes here and helps worldwide with their re-population.  this has been with paid staff and volunteers that do interpretation at the foundation in Baraboo here, to counting birds worldwide, to helping get land for the birds, to leading the birds in ultralight airplanes learning their migratory routes and doing so in a way that is best for the birds.  They raise the chicks with people in Crane costumes so they are wild birds.  This organization helps mobilize people to make a difference.

We lived in the flight path of the cranes in Illinois.  They few so high and went so fast that when you heard their sound you had seconds before they were already gone on their way north or south.  Here I have been blessed to observe them daily on the ground and see them and begin to recognize some of the same birds.  I marvel at the wonder of the cranes I see and the background work that has been done faithfully over the years to make this seemingly casual daily occurrence possible.

I didn’t have a clue nor did I try to find out what the International Crane Foundation was about in the 70’s.  Some people probably don’t even know about them now. The International Crane Foundation has worked tirelessly to benefit the world just because it was the right thing to do.  In Genesis it reports that God tells us human beings to have dominion over the birds of the air and creatures and the earth.  Human beings have sometimes translated that to domination and abuse.  Human beings have also translated that to care.  We also live by the Aldo Leopold Center.  We know of the Nature Conservancy.  There are many people out there caring and sharing as to why we recycle, why we should do or shouldn’t do certain things to the air or earth or underground.  We are to care for people.  We are to care for the earth.  We are to care for the 4 legged, 2 legged and winged friends as well as creepy crawly things. What are you doing today that will make things better and different 40 years from now?  What groups do you participate and support – with time and/or money?  What can you do or what can you be aware of that change in your habits makes this a better world.  There is a saying “Life simply so that others can simply live.”  I hope you enjoy the visuals of the cranes that have brought so much pleasure in my life these past few weeks.

crane 1 crane 2 DSC00416 DSC00419 DSC00423 DSC00424 DSC01112 DSC01116 DSC01121 DSC01170 DSC01172 DSC01174 DSC01175

  1. Great pictures, the cranes look so vibrant!!


  2. “I am not sure what I am saying to the birds but it sure is fun.” Ha!!! Love this. Many years ago I had a record of a man playing bird calls and commenting. It was supposed to be serious but he had the most hilarious high-pitched and warbling voice. I absolutely loved it for both practical and entertainment reasons…You reminded me of it with this statement.

    Thanks for reading so many of my blogs…I am really honored by your attention and I’m enjoying your blog as well. Judy

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  3. Oops…guess that quote was from a different post…Nonetheless, enoyed both of them.

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  4. ooops, enjoyed, I mean.

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