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Perspective of where you are and where you are going.

October 6, 2014

small mirror forestI have been out looking for the wonders of the colors of the trees with camera in hand.  It has been the right set of circumstances of water, cool nights and warm days for the most beautiful colors I have seen in a long time.  There are reds and yellows and purples!  As I was sitting in the passenger side of the car, my husband suggested to look into the side mirror and get some images.  When we got home, it almost looks like the mirror is a window – the same in front and in back.  I was thinking that as we travel through life, we are living like in the car and moving.  It can look the same in front of us as well as in the back but we need to realize which we we are traveling so that we can focus on the path we are to travel.  You need to made a decision – Where am I going?  Am I going forward or really doing the same things and going backwards.  Am I going forward in the same place as where I have come?  Is it really a new place that looks familiar where I am traveling.  Where is the focus of my life and where is my vision set?

small mirror houseToday as I was traveling, again looking for the colors in the trees, I received a great image through the trees.  I looked in the side mirror and there was a house behind me where ahead was the road I was going to travel.  We need to have a home to come from and return to as we leave each day on the journeys in our lives.  Home can be where the heart is but it needs to be a place of security and love and hope.

Many times our focus is on the journey of the day and where we are going.  That is an outward focus.  We also need to take time to work on our “home”, that is our inner self and the inner journey of our lives.  We can see where we have come from but we need to focus on where we are going if we are to see the “road” of life and what is also on the road with us.

Our lives as like that of a beating heart.  There is an inward pump so that blood flows outwards.  There is a movement outward to pull the blood in so that it ready for the next pump – in , out , in and out.  As you journey today remember to care for both the inward journey and and the outward journey.  All going out makes one depleted.  All going in leaves you without a witness in the world.  It is the combination that brings life to your soul so you can bring life to the world.


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