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Circle of Life

September 25, 2014

leafMy husband and I just finished a circular puzzle that was 750 pieces called the Circle of Life. It is a painting by Christian Riese Lassen.   There was nothing on one night on TV so we thought we could finish it in a night.  That didn’t happen.  It has taken us weeks. It is a wonderful scene of whales and fish and most of the puzzle is underwater with a sunset above.   The number of pieces made it sound easy, being circular made it hard.  You would think you knew where a piece went and it wouldn’t fit.  It would seem so obvious a piece shape but you couldn’t find it.

Life is like that.  Sometimes things seem so obvious but you are at a loss.  I love fall but in some ways it is a season of loss unless you refocus at what you see – in life and in stages of life.  This is the time of year when the leaves turn brilliant colors and every one travels to “OOOOh and Ahhhh” at the wonder.  Yet all the leaves will have to fall off for the circle of life to continue.  The leaves no longer will give chlorophyll to the tree, the tree doesn’t need them during their dormant time.  The leaves have a new task of decomposing to give life to the forest – unless they are bagged up for the landfill.

I do not feel that I am decomposing in retirement.  I feel a need to find a new reason and purpose.  Every day we are to renew and go on the path of growth or we are on the path of death and decay.  In all stages of our lives we are beautiful.  Sometimes we are on the top of the world and sometime we are falling and sometimes on the bottom.  I remember getting leaves and pressing them – like some people do 4 leaf clovers.  I have been fascinated by the different shapes of leaves and how the color is hidden until the fall.  All the leaves are green while they are working but each are individual and different colors at the end.  The uniqueness comes out and we all look with wonder.

No matter where you are in your life, live to the fullest of where you are.  See the joy and circle of life where you are.  We need to plan.  We need to evaluate what has happened but we also need to find the joy in the moment and in today.  Enjoy today.  Enjoy your life!


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  1. Lovely, uplifting post.

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  2. It is so important to learn to enjoy life, moment by moment.

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