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Journey through as well as to something

September 17, 2014

small fogI was heading to Chicago for my Micah Group.  We were talking about Risk.  The fog today seemed to follow the Wisconsin River. There was a point that it obscured the path in front of me.  You really couldn’t tell what was IN the fog or on the OTHER side of the fog.  You had to take a risk and trust that there was a road there and no traffic pile up.  You slow down until you can see what is going on.  You also can’t stand still because taking NO risk means people running into you and piling up in front of the fog.

This is a metaphor for retirement as well as every day.  You can’t see the end of the day when you get up.  You don’t know what the day will bring.  Not getting up and going doesn’t mean you play it safe.  Life is about taking a good calculated risk and living through it.  You have to travel THROUGH the fog as well as TO  your destination.

Just like the other day, the fog was creating the most wonderful images.  Just like the other day, all I had was my phone.  This time however my camera is in the repair shop for the second time and I have been without it for a month.  It is like having your hand tied behind your back and trying to do things.  Yet like the fog I am learning to travel through the day and seeing what I see and taking risk to do things in new ways.  Sometimes I am almost giving in to the urge to get out my charcoal pencils and paints and just trying to capture what I see. That way is harder and my frustration is that I can’t put on paper what I see.  The camera can do it so much easier and better.  Like the fog, you really won’t know if you can do it unless you try traveling that path.  Staying where you are is not the journey. Take a calculated risk and safely travel through the fog.

I had a most wonderful day.  I experienced so much.  Staying home or not going through the fog could have been a disaster or a day that was empty of the many things that brought learning and joy.  The people that I encountered yesterday were friends that I don’t see or soon won’t see.  I learn so much about myself with and around them.  I am grateful for the day and the time well spent.  I left at 8 am and got back at 1 am.  As I came home the fog was again descending and obscuring my road path.  This time I had to slow down – not for fear of a car pile up but a pile up with the many deer that were bounding out at that time of night – even 1 fox.  I don’t know how many times I had to stop and even slammed on my brakes a few times.  I reflected that I was glad I had gone through the fog in the morning and was going through the fog at night.  Tomorrow is another day and there are fog warnings again.  If you are out in the fog, drive safe, be alert and look forward to where the journey is taking you.


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