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Does life seem to go by too fast for you?

September 2, 2014

 IMG_0949What does one do with the 24 hours given to them?  I had thought about organizing my day and week to include a weekly blogging time.  I saw that my last one was August 18.  This photo is not a great one.  It happened this way – My husband and I got up at 5am to go to Chicago area.  There was the most wonderful fog but I didn’t have my camera or tripod to get the images that were so vivid in my mind.  We were on a time table and as it turned out we were actually 30 minutes late because of slow downs in the traffic.  Finally David said “Just use your phone and see what you can see out the window.” 

I did get several great shots but the memories are what is vivid.  There is a saying “If it is worth doing it is worth doing well.”  That is very true.  We need to strive to do our best.  There is also a counter part to that saying “If it is worth doing it is worth doing poorly.”  That says to me that sometimes we will miss things entirely if we are waiting for the perfect moment and the perfect time and the perfect place.  In college I saw Samuel Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot”.  You can wait forever and miss everything.

Each day of retirement has been full of activity.  I have undone boxes and still have more to come but we have taken time to play card games, sit and just see the birds and the lake, see friends and family and we have gone out to eat.  I don’t know sometimes where the time goes.  I don’t look at my calendar anymore.  I thought I would need structure to get things done and I may in the future do that.  For now I am taking each day – one at a time.  I have had time to go with my camera and do Val Isenhower’s Meditation on Both Sides of the Camera as well as use my phone for those things passing me by during a car ride. 

What about you?  How is your day?  Is it as you wish or planned?  Does your list work for 80% of the tasks in the first 20% of the list?  What is left?  Sometimes I tackle the hardest things first and sometimes I procrastinate.  I must say David and I do plan the day every morning putting together an outline of tasks to see what we need to do together and what we need to do separately.  Breath.  Feel your breath and know that you are alive.  What do you need to do today, what do you want to do today and what might be out of the ordinary and bursts in to get done? Enjoy today and all that it brings.  Review tonight and reflect.  Set your sites for tomorrow and say thanks for what is. 


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