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Stained Glass Window – First Untied Methodist Church – lansing Illinois

October 18, 2013

Stained Glass Window - First Untied Methodist Church - lansing Illinois

The First United Methodist Church of Lansing, Illinois has some of the greatest stained glass windows. There are the disciples. There is a large one of Jesus and the children. This window is of the transformation of the butterfly. We are all in the process of being transformed. John Wesley talks about God working in our lives through Prevenient Grace – God is in our lives working even before we know it. We then come to understand we can’t do this on our own . We accept what Jesus did on the cross for us in Justifying Grace. We are transformed. We then live in Sanctifying Grace as we continue to grow in faith throughout our spiritual journey. Just like the butterfly has fragile wings, we too are not indestructible. There are many points in our lives when we need to be healed, be forgiven and offer forgiveness. God is with us and we are not alone. It is a wonderful, joy-filled, hope-filled, sometimes fearful journey. We take each day as a gift. We listen intently to God each day. Like the stained glass windows that are seen with the light shining through, we are the stained glass window with god’s light shining through us. See how this day God’s light shines through you. See how this day God is transforming and healing you.


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