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Being transformed

September 16, 2013


I was reading an article in the Circuit Rider “Evangelism with the Never-churched” by Jack Jackson which said “Evangelism is a journey, not a moment.” We are transformed and changed and life is never the same as we come to know Jesus Christ. Our spiritual journey is one of transformation. Just like this window show the cocoon, chrysalis and butterfly, we are on a journey of transformation. We are changed but sometimes we forget who we have become. The “old ways” are still within us and living out the change can be difficult. Evangelism is more than just asking someone to come to church. It is a nurturing process of listening, getting to know, and sharing the journey with others. The article went on to talk about Servant evangelism. I had heard of Servant leadership. “Servant evangelism is a practice that seeks to serve individuals and communities regardless of their ultimate response to the gospel, while at the same time inviting people to faith or into a community of faith.” In society we often see that people only do that which enhances them or their interests. Our spiritual journey is growing enough to do something for the better of someone else. Think of your transformation as what you need to be to become the Gospel story. Where are you on your transformational journey? Where is God calling you? Live into your “wings” of being a butterfly.


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